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SolarJet™ Water Fountain Pump

(9 customer reviews)


SolarJet™ Fountain PumpSolarJet™ Fountain Pump + Cleaning BrushSolarJet™ Fountain Pump + Dancing HummingbirdSolarJet™ Fountain Pump + Cleaning Brush + Dancing Hummingbird
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Item type: Fountain

Product size: 13.5×3.8cm

Solar panel: 1W single crystal silicon

Maximum pump flow: 210L/h

Product weight: 200g

Maximum water height: 50cm

Material: ABS+PE


— High efficiency solar panel

— Cute shape and floating style

Package includes:

1 * Solar Fountain
1 * Accessories Bag

Note: 1. make sure put enough water in the fountain, so pump can stay underwater, completely 2. solar panels must be completely exposed to the sun, not the leaves or other items. Panel surface3. please regular cleaning pump, lest jam pump

1-2cm error might exist due to manual measurements, please kindly understand. The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

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SolarJet™ Fountain Pump, SolarJet™ Fountain Pump + Cleaning Brush, SolarJet™ Fountain Pump + Dancing Hummingbird, SolarJet™ Fountain Pump + Cleaning Brush + Dancing Hummingbird

9 reviews for SolarJet™ Water Fountain Pump

  1. Janet A.

    We’ve had this a year and going strong. It floats and moves around the container I use. The birds love it and it just moves around as birds enter. It makes for the perfect gift if you love bird watching. I couldn’t be happier. 😊

  2. Edith L.

    What a fun little gadget! I put it in my birdbath and when the sun hit it, it began to shoot water skyward. There are three different devices to vary the water pattern. I just love it. I have a heavily treed back yard so it sprays only in the mornings. It is important to keep the place that you put the device filled with water that is clean to prevent clogging. I refill it every morning when I feed the birds. The birds are fascinated by the waterworks and squirrels actually jump in the birdbath at times.

  3. Claudia K.

    I love it so far. Very relaxing to listen to. I normally don’t drink my coffee outside, but now my routine is to drink it outside and listen to the relaxing water droplets and watching the little birdies bathe. 😍

  4. Mia V.

    We have been running this little fountain close to 9 months now. We are extremely pleased with the performance. We call it the little fountain that could. I was very surprised by this fountain. I wasn’t expecting the power that this had. It actually sprays up well over a foot! I just love how cute it makes my little garden, and I happy to have more birds visit me.

  5. Camie S.

    OMG we do LOVE this solar fountain, but probably not as much as all the happy birds that have been frolicking in the bath since installing it. My husband and I enjoy watching the show every day as the birds dart in and around the water. My sister and family were recently visiting us from Minnesota and they too got such a kick out of the display and relaxing bird show (hint hint: gift ideas ;).

  6. Tina G.

    I bought one to try and then immediately bought a second. I use it in two birdbaths to keep the water moving for the birds in the heat of summer. It really is cute to see them bathe with it.

  7. Clarissa K.

    I LOVE this fountain! It was so eager to get into my rigged-up birdbath that it started vibrating in my hand as soon as I carried it out the door! It has already attracted a robin and a wren, and I am absolutely delighted with it. I wanted a fountain, but not an electric cord across the patio, and this is the perfect solution for me.

  8. Suzy G.

    A nice and powerful fountain! To me this little solar fountain is Awesome! I LOVE it! Right when I got it out of the box I felt it moving, so I put it in the birdbath and yes it was working great!! I enjoy watching it work, I feel as if it makes my fountain 10x more beautiful, and attracts twice as many birds!

  9. Karen S.

    I have been looking for solar power birdbaths then thought how neat to design my own birdbath and need to find a solar power fountain to make it complete! So I ordered this product, and it amazes me how easy it is to put together. Right away as soon as I took it outside in the daylight it started to vibrate. I am usually hesitant when ordering stuff off Facebook or Instagram I followed the direction with trust and filled the birdbath with water and it started to flow perfectly! I highly recommend this product if you love bird watching or just relaxing outside. Throughout the day I love watching the birds play with it, just so relaxing for me!

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