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Portable Lint Remover

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See the magic in action!

A purchase you’ll look forward to!
It’s not life changing technology, but it sure is something that will save you time and have you worry free from looking like this!

This is Suzy. She’s trying her best! Please do not get upset at her for shedding.

Please see that Suzy is REALLY sorry. Instead, forgive her with a head pat after using our portable lint remover.

(With all seriousness) We love animals, and we would like your help to be apart of saving animals.

This Winter 30% of your order will be put towards various Humane Society programs of your choice from our selection.

If you aren’t in LOVE with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days, and you’ll receive a stress-free refund.

5 reviews for Portable Lint Remover

  1. M****y

    I just got it in the mail and just tried it out! I didn’t have too much on my leggings when I received it, but man this thing rocks. In one swipe it removed all the cat hair on me.

  2. D****n

    I wear a lot of black. So this will help a lot. I use this product daily and never lets me down.

  3. B****y

    Holy shucks! I don’t know what those things are called really. The little fuzz balls I get on my sweaters, but I just tried it and it took them off right away.

  4. D****y

    This thing works wonders on removing lint from my sweater’s! I have a lot of sweaters that are very dear to me because my mother who has now passed away used to knit me my own sweaters. At first, I wasn’t too fond of them, but I can say I had a change of heart, and it is one of my most prized positions.

  5. I****e

    VERY VERY PLEASED! Customer service here was top tier I will have to say. They took care of me and kept in contact with me regarding my delivery. It was delivered from the US to Canada within 6 days! I now use it on everything I own and it’s very satisfying.

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