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A friend told me about this site on where she got her stunning Cross Infinity Necklace, and I ordered here, there was an issue with my order getting lost. They sent out expedited replacement right away, it turns out it was just a delay on the first order. So, I ended up receiving 2 necklaces!! I contacted them regarding a return on one of them, and they told me not to worry and to enjoy both necklaces!
Timothy Hazzard
Came across this site via Instagram, and I must say the site is very stunning and professional. I immediately purchased, and got my order in 4 days. Very pleased, would definitely order from here in the near future.
Patricia Ericson
Never have I received jewelry more enticing and beautiful than Next Faith! The packaging was beautiful in a nice velvet suede. I really do love how it's beautiful jewelry with a beautiful cause, and I get to select which charity it goes to. Makes me feel a part of something big!
Cory Wycoff
I purchased from here because I believe in their campaign and what they're doing to help people with mental health conditions. A life is priceless, and I have lost someone dear to me from suicide in the past. I really resonate with the idea how my order makes me apart of saving lives.
Marc Larsson
I came across the site via Facebook ad, and was skeptical at first, because I have never ordered through an ad from fb. To my own shock, I received my item in less than a week, in beautiful packaging.
Mildred Carlson
I ordered from here recently, and was honestly surprised with the quality of the jewelry I received! I usually have a rule when buying jewelry online, I don't buy unless it’s over $100. That way I am sure of the quality. I have now changed my rule since then, and glad I did. Thank you #NextFaith
Charles Roberts


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